Smoking & Eye Disease

Besides causing lung cancer and heart disease, overwhelming scientific evidence exists that smoking damages the eyes. Specifically, causing premature cataracts, more aggressive diabetic retinopathy, more aggressive macular degeneration, uveitis or inflammation of the eyes, aggravation of glaucoma, and worse dry eyes syndrome. Every ophthalmologist, including Dr. Moffett, recommends to stop smoking immediately. However, quitting this gripping habit can be very difficult. A national program and hotline can be accessed at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. They have access to specialized doctors, medications, support groups, 24-hour help lines, and other tools to assist you in the challenging undertakings of quitting. Please act now to avoid further damage to your vision. If you need further information please speak to Dr. Moffet or callĀ 208-535-4900. Sincerely, Teton Retinal Institute

How to Quit Smoking

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW