State-of-the-art solutions for challenging vision problems

Dr. Moffett is an expert in the treatment of serious and often sight-threatening eye diseases and injuries that effect the back of the eye. They include:

The advanced techniques used to treat these conditions include:

Dr. Moffett is an expert in the treatment of serious sight-threatening eye diseases. His experience and expertise may be unsurpassed in Idaho. Having performed major hospital-based eye surgery for 30 years (including scleral buckles, vitrectomies, vitrectomies with membrane peeling, Perfluoron, silicone oil, intraocular gas, and retinal laser surgery and cryosurgery), Dr. Moffett now limits his practice to office-based surgeries. These less invasive surgeries can help avoid hospital-based surgeries, and include:
  • Laser surgery for diabetic retinopathy (more than 5000 cases)
  • Laser surgery for central serous retinopathy, abbreviated CSR, and wet macular degeneration (argon laser and Photodynamic therapy more than 2000 cases)
  • Laser surgery for retinal vascular disease or circulatory problems of the retina (more than 1500 cases)
  • Laser surgery for retinal tears (more than 1000 cases)
  • Cryotherapy of the retina (more than 200 cases)
  • Injections of anti-VEGF drugs like Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea, as well as steroids such as dexamethasone, triesence, Ozurdex, Iluvien, and intravitreal Jetrea for vitreous traction (more than 25,000 cases). These new revolutionary drugs are used to treat: